About Us

Mission and Vision

At Atlanta Music Room, our mission is to create a hub for music enthusiasts where they can discover, explore, and engage with the vibrant music scene of Atlanta. Through our comprehensive platform, we aim to connect artists, fans, venues, and industry professionals, fostering a thriving local music community.

We envision Atlanta Music Room as the go-to resource for anyone seeking to immerse themselves in the rich musical heritage and current creative endeavors within Atlanta. With a passion for showcasing the immense talents that this city has to offer, we strive to empower artists, facilitate connections, and provide all-round support to the local music ecosystem on both digital and real-world platforms.

Company History

Atlanta Music Room was founded in 2015 by Emily Gentry, an ardent music lover and advocate of the Atlanta music scene. Being deeply involved with the local music community, she recognized a need for a centralized platform that would streamline networking, promotion, and industry collaboration for artists and stakeholders. With her visionary leadership and expertise, Atlanta Music Room has since grown into a dynamic and influential force in the Atlanta music scene.

Founder: Emily Gentry

Emily Gentry, a distinguished figure within the Atlanta music community, embodies the passion, commitment, and entrepreneurial spirit that underpins Atlanta Music Room. A lifelong lover of music and a tireless advocate for local talent, Emily’s understanding of the challenges artists face led her to conceive this creative platform. Through her steadfast dedication and unwavering support, she has helped shape Atlanta Music Room into a trusted resource revered by musicians, fans, and industry professionals alike.

Website Creation

Atlanta Music Room owes its existence to the recognition of the limitless potential offered by an online platform. By creating this website, we aimed to consolidate the already vibrant music scene of Atlanta and amplify its reach to the broader world. Our goal is to generate greater visibility and appreciation for Atlanta’s artists, venues, and creative process while unraveling the intricate tapestry that makes this city a musical melting pot.

Objective and Target Audience

Our website sets out to achieve two main objectives:

  1. Connecting Atlanta’s Music Community: Atlanta Music Room acts as a bridge connecting artists, both emerging and established, to potential collaborators, promoters, and venues. By facilitating effective networking and digital promotion, we foster opportunities that propel local artists towards greater exposure and success.

  2. Engaging Music Enthusiasts: Our website serves as an information hub and discovery platform for enthusiastic supporters of Atlanta’s music scene. From showcasing local events, providing album reviews, to featuring up-and-coming artists, we strive to engage our readers and immerse them in the ever-evolving world of Atlanta music.

Our audience comprises music fans, artists, music industry professionals, event organizers, venues, and anyone with an appetite for the exceptional musical landscape that Atlanta beholds.

Unique Value

What sets Atlanta Music Room apart is the combined strength of our team of experienced and highly skilled editors and team members. This dedicated group shares a deep understanding and passion for the local music scene, allowing them to curate compelling content, shine a spotlight on hidden gems, and provide insightful coverage of Atlanta’s music landscape.

Furthermore, Atlanta Music Room’s commitment to fostering collaboration and community empowers artists to forge meaningful connections that extend beyond the digital realm. By serving as a liaison between artists and the various facets of the industry, we help bring their creativity to an ever-growing audience.

Join us in celebrating the incredible talent and boundless creativity flowing through Atlanta’s musical veins. Together, we can showcase the excellence of this city’s artists and solidify Atlanta’s standing as a vibrant hub of musical ingenuity.

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